About Us


A Classic American Garage Business…

Shurhold was started in July, 1973 in the garage of William E. Peach, who self-admittedly had no knowledge about the design or manufacture of cleaning supplies. That said, he knew quality and made sure every brush and handle that left his shop was held to the highest standard.   Over time the company moved to a 1,000-square-foot space in the B & A Industrial Park of Stuart, Florida in August 1974. Shurhold continued to advance over the next two decades and migrated into a 10,000-square-foot facility in Palm City.  Then Barry Berhoff purchased the company in 1998.  Mr. Berhoff went on to expand the company into a 20,000 square-foot state of the art manufacturing facility.  He and his team have grown the product line and customer base into the international company it is today.

Since its beginning in that garage plant, Shurhold Industries has designed and manufactured the most innovative speciality care and accessory products available for the marine, RV, and automotive industries. As the original creator of the “One Handle Does It All” system, Shurhold continues to maintain the highest standard of quality and service for all of our products.

Innovative designs combined with top quality materials and meticulous workmanship make Shurhold the premier detailing company. Customers worldwide search out and use Shurhold products in the care and maintenance of their most precious possessions. For them, Shurhold is “Clean-N-Simple!”

Meet Team Shurhold

  • Barry Berhoff

    Barry Berhoff


    Passionate about quality and cutting edge innovation. Barry is an avid boater who lives and breathes Shurhold everyday not only as a job, but as a lifestyle. Under his direction Shurhold has become the global leader in high quality detailing products.

  • Brett Berhoff

    Brett Berhoff


    Committed to Shurhold for over a decade, he anticipates market demands and constantly puts us in front of potential customers. He is a crucial asset to the team and ensures Shurhold’s continued growth and presence in the marketplace

  • Nicole V

    Nicole Veldhuis

    Customer Relations Expert

    An asset to the team for over 9 years and counting, she’s responsible for daily business operations. She has worn many hats throughout the years, but her goal has always been the same; ensuring customer satisfaction from start to finish. Her dedication to Shurhold is simple: she believes in and loves the brand.

  • Carlos Morlock

    Carlos Morlock

    Process Improvement Specialist

    Committed to Shurhold for over a decade, he is rooted in the “make a way where there is no way” mindset. His innovative mind manages Shurhold’s in-house production while constantly improving our manufacturing process and methods. His efforts keep our team safe and dedicated to Shurhold’s renowned quality standards.

  • Sherry Irwin

    Sherry Irwin

    Numbers Analysts

    A long time employee and friend, she’s at the helm of organizing and maintaining the fundamental aspects of record keeping. She also ensures policy development and documentation of all HR activities.

  • Sam McGinley

    Sam McGinley

    Social Media Captain

    Our lead educator and product tester. He ensures customers get the most out of our products and strives to personalize Shurhold’s customer interaction. Additionally, he maintains Shurhold’s 430 SeaVee Express project boat.

  • Alexis Macia

    Alexis Macias

    Factory Team Leader

    His philosophy is “the customer deserves the best.” His dedication and  commitment to this idea are apparent everyday here at Shurhold. From working the production floor to packing your product orders, Alexis always gets the job done with a smile on his face!

  • team-factory

    Factory Crew

    Team USA

    Loyal, hard working, and passionate. Our factory crew is the backbone of our company. Without this dedicated team, Shurhold couldn’t bring you any of our quality products.