Smart Jumper Cables Take the Guess Work Out of Jump-Starting Dead Batteries


So we at Shurhold haven’t actually tried these yet, but Smart Jumper Cables by Michelin have gotten pretty positive reviews across the board and seem to be safer and easier to use than traditional jumper cables.

When using regular jumper cables to start a dead battery, the clamps must be attached to the correct positive and negative posts. If they aren’t, sparking and shorting can cause electrical system failure, frying of the on-board computer, battery explosions and car fires. That’s a pretty dangerous gamble if you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Michelin’s Smart Jumper Cables take the guess work out of jump-starting a dead battery. The textured-grip clamps can be attached to either post and will automatically adjust polarity to correctly route the power. The 10-foot, heavy duty cables have a built in surge protector for added safety, and the two LED lights on the surge protector confirm that the clamps are securely connected. The cables come in a small zip-up storage case for around $40.

With the risk of incorrectly attaching the clamps eliminated, there’s no need to worry about completely frying the battery or electrical equipment in your car. They make re-starting your battery a breeze. They seem like a smart idea to us!

For detailed product information, instructions on how to use them and to find where they are available, visit the Web site.

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