How do I protect and lubricate my Snaps and Zippers?

How do I protect and lubricate my snaps and zippers?

Welcome to Shurhold’s Clean-N-Simple Tips. We are back at the helm of our Wellcraft 340 Coastal project boat and today we are going to be talking about how to protect and lubricate our snaps and zippers

We have this beautiful enclosure here that has a lot of snaps and zippers.  Snaps and zippers are one of the most over looked mechanical items on a boat.  We tend to notice them the most when they stop functioning properly by becoming stiff or hard to snap.

So lets take a look at how to properly care fore our snaps and zipper.  You will need:

  • A tube of Snap Stick
  • EZ Snap Tool

If you have never seen one of these before this is an EZ Snap tool and it is nothing short of amazing.  It has a this long forked end that slides on the under side of a snap and will allow me to pull and seal a snap from the inside.  So I could put up this entire enclosure in the rain with out having to go on the out side.

Additionally, on the butt end it has a top snap grabber to hold the snap and pull from the out side to help push on that last tough snap on a tight piece of canvas or enclosure.

Now snaps and zipper function better when clean and lubricated.  Make sure to wash and rinse them with the rest of the boat when you are doing your regular wash down.  Then a couple time a year we want to apply a lubricant and protection product like SNAP STICK to them.

SNAP STICK is easy to work with, because unlike a spray or a gel that can get on th surrounding canvas and surfaces this twist stick product only goes where you put it.

So for snaps we want to rub some on the male stud end and then snap it together to lubricate and protect both halves.  You want to make sure to do this to all your snaps even the ones you really never open.  This will help prevent the from seizing in the future.

For zippers run it along the open teeth of both sides then work it in with the zipper pull.  This also works great on zippers off the boat like golf bags and wetsuits.

Snap Stick can also be rubbed on a key to protect the inside of locks or along a drill bit to lubricate it for drilling holes in metal.

Your snaps and zippers are mechanical devices and should be treated as such.  Clean and lubricate them on a regular bases and they will give you years of trouble free operation.

Until next time keep your boat CLEAN-N-SIMPLE!

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