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The Effects of Salt and Fresh Water and How to Prevent Them

The Effects of Salt and Fresh Water and How to Prevent Them Never mind all the true but sometimes overworked sayings about what “cleanliness may be next to”, there are a number of very practical reasons for keeping your boat as clean as reasonably possible. First, an accumulation of dirt, slime, rust, corrosion, and the…

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How to Buff a Fiberglass Boat

Restoring a Glossy Wax Shine to your Boat’s Gelcoat Detail Like a Pro Boat wax and elbow grease equals a showroom shine: seems simple, but in reality it is a little more complicated and most boat owners simply just do not have the tools and experience to properly maintain a show room shine. Some just…

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Routine Maintenance

The 7 Most Harmful Household Cleaners Used on Cars/Boats/RVs Household products can cause serious damage to your investments, harm the environment, and can even be harder to work with. The following list includes the most common mistakes people use. #1 – Dish Soap Dish soaps can cause many problems, from stripping wax to degrading the waterproofing…

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Caring For Canvas Enclosures and Clear Vinyl

How to Properly Care for Canvas and Clear Vinyl/Isinglass Your boat top and canvas enclosures can really add to your boating enjoyment. Who hasn’t been glad to shut out the bugs in the spring or enjoy some shade from the sun, thanks to a canvas enclosure like a cockpit cover, camper top, or convertible top?…

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Shurhold Chemicals: Application Guide

Details on Using Shurhold Chemicals Buff Magic There are very subtle differences between the Buff Magic white vs. pink. The pink breaks down a little further than the white, giving a bit more shine and depth. The pink was the original formula, and many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) asked for a compound that would cut…

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Top 6 Cleaning Tips

The Top 6 Cleaning Tips for Effective and Easy Washing Top 6 Cleaning Tips: 1. Always rinse down the area to be cleaned prior to washing. This helps remove any loose surface grime preventing you from scrubbing it into the finish. 2. “Dirty” rain can leave black streaks. Try to wash them off immediately. The…

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