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Best Car Care Products & Accessories

Do you need the Best Car Wax, Car Buffer or other Auto Detailing Supplies?  Shurhold has developed the ultimate maintenance system of car care accessories to help you keep your vehicle "Clean-N-Simple".  Shurhold has been producing and selling the best car detailing products for the past 3 decades.

Shurhold understands that space is limited in your garage and storage is a premium.  That is why everything we do is meant to save you time, money and space.  Starting with the Shurhold System, the original "One Handle Does it All!" concept.  One telescoping handle in your garage can be a brush, broom, squeegee and more.  There are now over 40 different attachments for this system.

The Shurhold line of cleaners and compounds only has 6 key formulas to clean, polish, wax and restore hundreds of surfaces on your Vehicle.  These products include Car Metal Polish, Car Detailing Wax and the best Waterless Spray Detailer.

On our site you will also find hundreds of articles to help you with washing, waxing and more.  Just check out our Uses & Solutions section above.  

Best Car Wax, Buffer, Metal Polish & More

Shurhold has put together the best selection of Car detailing supplies from across the industry to help you maintain and protect the value of your auto.  If you need Car Cleaning Supplies like Car Wash, the Auto Polish, Car Wash Hoses or even car buffer pads and machines. you will find it at Shurhold!

Remember, Shurhold is here to help you keep your car "Clean-N-Simple!"

Shurhold is an Automotive and Marine Detail Products Company.  Our main offerings include:   The Dual Action Polisher, the perfect Boat Polisher, Car Polisher or RV Polisher.  Plus a full line of Car Care ProductsBoat Cleaning and Detailing Accessories and Marine Fuel Filters.

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