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Included in this kit:

  • Deluxe Canvas Storage Bag
  • Quick Change Velcro Backing Plate
  • Pad Wrench
  • Standard Side Handle
  • Deluxe D Handle
  • 1 Pair Replacement Carbon Brushes
  • 20 foot long power cord
  • GFCI Plug End

The design goal of Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher was to allow users to achieve the same high gloss, professional finish that the pros do with a rotary buffer/polisher, but in a unit that less-experienced, everyday users can operate with the same effectiveness. Traditional rotary polishers have a larger wheel spinning at a high rpm, which means the operator's technique is important as to avoid burns and swirls. The Shurhold polisher's dual action, 6 inch oscillating head eliminates these issues, and allows anyone to get the same great finish, without burns or swirls. General detail maintenance like waxing and buffing can now be done in half the time, with half the effort and half the amount of product. 

There are several features that our team likes about this new polisher: the quick change pads with Velcro backing, the GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) that cuts off power to the unit should it become submerged or shorted by water, and the addition of a 20 foot power cord and not a stubby pigtail.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) liked this product so much that they awarded it top honors with an innovation award at the 2009 MAATS (The Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show) in the category: Boat Care, Coatings, Chemicals & Maintenance Tools.

*NOTE* Pads are sold separately.


Register your Shurhold Dual Action Polisher today, polishers must be registered to be covered under warranty.
Included Accessories:  Canvas Bag, PU Quick Change Velcro Backing Plate,   Wrench,  D Handle,  Carbon Brush.

Warranty:  1 year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

Electrical Specs

Rated Voltage: 120V AC
Frequency: 60Hz
Rated Current: 4.2 Amp
Rated Power: 500 Watt

Mechanical Specs

Variable Speed: 2,500-6,500 OPM
Backing Plate: 125 - 150mm ( 5" - 6" )
Pad size: 140 -165mm (5.5" - 6.5")
Net Weight: 6 lbs - (2.72kgs)
Power Cord: 20feet w/ GFCI

Speed Chart

6-Speed Settings:
Recommended speeds are as follows:
1 : 2500 OPM Waxing & Buffing
2 : 3200 OPM Waxing & Buffing
3 : 3900 OPM Polishing & Cleaning
4 : 4600 OPM Polishing & Cleaning
5 : 5500 OPM Removing paint defects and Swirls
6 : 6500 OPM Removing paint defects and Swirls





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  • I give this product the best rating and very satisfied Review by Mark - (Posted on 12/30/14)

    "This product has surpassed all of my expectations. The Shurhold buffer is solid and durable tool that performs amazingly that I believe will last a long time. I’m a car fanatic detailing my cars since my first car and I always had the idea that buffers would damage the surface and for this I only polished my cars by hand, but I was wrong! After the first time using the buffer it was easy to use, less time to wax the car and the outcome is truly noticeable to anyone who sees the finished wax job! I have an old pickup and since I have used the buffer to wax it folks want to know how did I get the shine and want to buy my truck!!!! No joke! I also have a Cadillac and 2014 Stingray that looks better than the day I drove it of the showroom floor and since bringing them to the dealership for service I was asked about the shine!!! Great product and recommend the Shurhold buffer to any car enthusiast I know you will be satisfied after the first time using it.

    One item I would like to suggest for improvement and re-locate the start/stop switch on the top on the buffer and not on the left side which is very hard to operate. Other than that great product!!!"

  • Great Buffer Review by Pat - (Posted on 10/3/14)

    "I was able to do my whole 38 foot camper without being totally worn out doing it by hand. It was great for buffing out the decals which were oxidized."

  • Great machine! Review by Bill - (Posted on 9/17/14)

    "This is the best polisher I've owned. Light (compared to the Dewalt) dual action is great and speeds up the process. Makes me want to wax everything!"

  • Very happy with polisher Review by David - (Posted on 6/29/14)

    "I purchased this mainly for buffing and waxing our fiberglass boat. It works very well and it makes the job so much easier and better than buffing and polishing by hand. I also use if for our cars too. I'm new to polishers and never was I concerned about damaging the finish. It's very easy to use even for beginners like me. I've used it both for restoring the fiberglass finish and polishing on the boat and I couldn't be more pleased with the results (also using Shurhold buff and wax products).

    The polisher has enough power for my needs, but yet doesn't weigh too much either. It's very quick and easy to change pads for different purposes. I like the adjustable handle and long power cord. The only thing I don't like is the power switch. It's easy to just bump it while working and the polisher shuts off. This happens many times until I get used to not placing my thumb there. I know the switch can be repositioned which I might try in the future. The switch and its location is why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5."

  • Grat tool Review by Michael - (Posted on 6/23/14)

    "Have used this for 3 years. Better than a profesional buffer on dark colors. Shurhold is always looking for ways to help with new products being introduced. "

  • Switch locking Problem Review by Bob - (Posted on 6/19/14)

    "I use this buffer a lot and it really works great. Problem I am now having is that the on off switch will not lock on without a lot of fussing around with it. This unit is only 2 years old. Rather early for the switch lock to go bad. Poor design as it is relying on a plastic edge to hold it in place and on."

  • Polish like a pro Review by Dave Morrison - (Posted on 5/5/14)

    "Variable speed and orbitol action and ease of changing polishing pads makes it a pleasure to use and produce great results.
    Recomend you get plenty of different kinds of polishing pads to take advantage of this option, "

  • Missing parts Review by Eugene - (Posted on 4/12/14)

    "Nice buffer but no wench in kit"

  • Very Pleased with Polisher Review by Richard - (Posted on 2/17/14)

    "I used my new polisher yesterday for the first time to restore a shine to my lightly oxidized fiber glass boat. I used it with both Magic Buff and Pro Polish and was very pleased with the result. I was a bit hesitant at first because I've heard all the horror stories for years about the swirls induced to the gel coat when "rookies" try to use a power polisher. But after a few minutes of use and no swirls were induced I forgot about any concerns I had and just got into it. Much faster and less fatiguing than the manual method I've been using for years. I did watch the U-Tube demos on the Shurhold website before I began just to make sure I performed the process according to Shurhold's recommendations. The U-Tubes are very well done and gave me confidence I needed to finally order a polisher and give it a try. Glad I did. The boat is looking great."

  • Great Product Review by Norman - (Posted on 10/11/13)

    "Always waxed my boat by hand. After using this buffer, I was surprised at how easy it was to use. I never used a buffer before and I was able to wax and buff like a pro. What I liked best about the buffer is its different speed settings."

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