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How old is the gas in that can?  How pure is the fuel at the dock in the islands?  What will contaminated gas do to your engine?  Don't get stuck out on the water with a stalled engine.  Stop worrying and start protecting your engine.  Just pour gas or diesel fuel through the Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter Funnel and all water, dirt, and debris is quickly filtered out.

Small vessels and personal water crafts do not have sufficient marine fuel filters.  If they have filters at all it is just for minor particulates they are not water fuel filters.  Stop WATER from ever entering your fuel system.

Marine, Boat & Diesel Fuel Filters

  • Fuel Filter Funnels come in 3 different sizes and flow rates
  • Removes WATER from all types of fuel
  • Removes Dirt and Debris
  • Boat Fuel Filter Funnels are Conductive and can be grounded for Safety

So if you are looking for a Gas Fuel Filet or a Diesel Fuel Filter look no further than Mr. Funnel.  Your Tool for Pure Fuel!

Remember, Shurhold is here to help you keep your boat "Clean-N-Simple!"

Shurhold is an Automotive and Marine Detail Products Company.  Our main offerings include:   The Dual Action Polisher, the perfect Boat Polisher, Car Polisher or RV Polisher.  Plus a full line of Car Care ProductsBoat Cleaning and Detailing Accessories and Marine Fuel Filters.

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3 Item(s)

Large Fuel Filter Funnel

Large Fuel Filter Funnel

2 filters in one funnel filter 12 gallons (45 L) per minute, which keeps up with a standard fuel pump
Small Fuel Filter Funnel

Small Fuel Filter Funnel

Removes water and debris from fuel at 3.5 gallons (13 L) per minute
Medium Fuel Filter Funnel

Medium Fuel Filter Funnel

Filter out impurities from 5 gallons (19 L) of fuel per minute