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Welcome to Club Shine!

What is Club Shine?

Club Shine is the exclusive new way to allow members to be more interactive with Shurhold. By joining and staying involved, members earn points, which can be redeemed for various Shurhold prizes.

What’s in it for you?

Being a member of Club Shine comes with exclusive member benefits, beyond earning points for Shurhold gear. Members have an online Shurhold account making re-orders quick and easy, are eligible for members-only offers and discounts, can participate in online contests, and can submit tips and tricks for fellow members.

How do I join and how does it work?

No special requirements, you just have to sign up and from there, participate to earn points and get rewards. There are many ways of earning points; purchasing items isn’t necessary to be a member, but purchases in the Shurhold Online Store are one way to earn points. You can also submit your own originally written articles, along with your name and e-mail address, to earn even more points. Here are all the ways to earn points:

Action Points Received
Every $1 purchased @ 2 points
Vote in a poll 4 points
Comment an article 10 points
Write a product review 20 points
Join Club Shine 100 points
Post an original article 100 points
Sign up for the newsletter 100 points

Once I have points, what can I do with them?

Once you’ve accumulated so many points, you can redeem them for great Shurhold gear like T-shirts, Cutter and Bucks jackets, Tervis Tumblers and other prizes like iPods and even fishing charters! Check out all the prizes here!