A Simple Twist and Polish Keep A Boat Shiny All Summer Long

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A boat’s surfaces need to be protected from damaging UV rays. To safeguard their craft, as well as prolong the life of a wax or polish job, owners just have to do the twist. By rotating their boat in its resting place every two weeks, they can even out sun exposure and keep their boat shining like new.

Along with turning the boat, owners should apply a coat of high-quality polish. Serving as a cleaner, sealant and polish with UV inhibitors, Shurhold’s Pro Polish is scientifically formulated to protect fiberglass, gelcoat, clear coat and aluminum. Pro Polish repels water and provides a deep, glossy sheen, while protecting the surface from the harsh effects of the sun, saltwater and other environmental elements.

Better than old-fashioned wax, this polish is polymer-based and contains no fillers or talc so when users buff out Shurhold’s Pro Polish, there won’t be a major mass of white powder. Producing virtually no waste, it enables owners to finish the job in less time and with less effort.