Boaters Pledge to Do No Harm With One-Step Cleaner

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Too often boat owners use household products to clean the clear vinyl and eisenglass on their craft, resulting in irreparable damage. Shurhold Industries’ gentle yet powerful one-step cleaner, polish and protectant Serious Shine enables users to efficiently and safely wash these materials.

While great for wood and other household surfaces, domestic cleaning products contain solvents that remove the plasticizers from plastic. This causes eisenglass and vinyl to become brittle and yellow. Lemon and other scents may leave a boat smelling fresh, but they can burn or etch fragile eisenglass, causing fogging or other marring.

Specifically designed for the marine environment, Serious Shine cleans, polishes and protects virtually any solid surface in one easy step. Without leaving any greasy, artificial residue behind, it keeps clear vinyl spotless. A great quick detailer, it also contains UV inhibitors and anti-static properties. Serious Shine is effective on mirrors, gel coats, glass and plastic.

For the best results, users should pair Serious Shine with a clean, dry Shurhold Microfiber Towel. Unlike cotton fiber cloths that only push dirt and moisture around, microfiber towels lift and trap dust and wetness, leaving behind a clean, dry and polished surface. These towels shouldn’t be rolled up or stored wet.

The company’s microfiber towels are versatile and gentle. Available in a variety 3 pack, the extra-strong, orange towel is ideal for washing and cleaning while the super-soft, dark blue towel is great for polishing and shining. Due to its lint-free properties, the light blue towel is best for wiping down mirrors and glass. All three can be used with Serious Shine.

Shurhold’s Serious Shine is available in a 396 gram aerosol can, while the Microfiber Towels are sold in a variety 3 pack.