Buff Magic Easily Restores A Boat’s Shiny Surface

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After an enjoyable season in the sun, a fiberglass boat may not be in the same great shape as it started. In the harsh marine environment, a boat’s shiny surface can dry out and oxidize. To easily remove the last of a vessel’s summer sunburn before winter, Shurhold offers Buff Magic to easily restore fiberglass.

Due to an eventual degradation from weathering, colored gel coats will show more chalking than white gel coat. Chalking results from the breakdown of a gel-coated surface into an extremely fine powder. This oxidation process causes a boat’s shiny, bright colors to whiten.

Although the chalking is only on the surface, oxidation doesn’t simply wash off but, requires hand or machine buffing. If a boat’s surface is dull and chalky, it’s time to get a great deoxidizer like Buff Magic to remove the sun-damaged patches.

Without scratching a boat’s surface, this easy-to-use reconditioner helps restore a boat’s original brilliant finish. Shurhold’s Buff Magic is safe and effective on all fiberglass and gel coat exteriors, glass, plastic and plexiglass as well as stainless steel, metal and brass.

Formulated for buffing by machine or hand, this deoxidizer is extremely powerful. A 22 oz. container will buff an entire 40′ boat. For larger boats or to simply stock up, Buff Magic is also available in 1 gal. and 5 gal. pails.