Buff Magic Makes Color and Shine Reappear Quickly and Easily

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In the harsh marine environment, a boat’s gel coat can dry out and oxidize, reducing the clarity of color and shine of the hull, deck, flybridge, hardtop and other fiberglass surfaces. Yacht Brite’s Buff Magic is an easy-to-use fiberglass reconditioner and deoxidizer that removes all oxidation, dirt and dead gel coat, restoring the boat’s original high gloss finish.

Traditional rubbing compounds contain harsh abrasives which can scratch and further dull a boat’s fiberglass. Buff Magic is formulated to be user friendly whether buffing with a machine or by hand and will not swirl or burn like other gel coat compounds. It produces a high gloss index and is cleaner to use because it does not “sling” like other products. Buff Magic also saves boaters time and effort, requiring less compound and fewer passes of the buffer to produce a brilliant shine. One 22 ounce container restores an entire 40′ boat. After a treatment of Buff Magic, Yacht Brite recommends applying a coat of Pro Polish to seal and protect the finish.

Buff Magic can be safely and effectively used on other surfaces as well. As a restoration polish, it can provide a brilliant shine to most common marine metal finishes. Scratches on Plexiglas and Eisenglass can also be quickly removed, leaving a clear and clean surface.

Yacht Brite’s Buff Magic was a winner of a 2003 NMMA Innovation Award, and along with Pro Polish, is a part of its Serious Marine System, a core group of products that work together to provide a cost-effective, time saving solution to cleaning, restoration and maintenance issues on the boat. Devoted to education, Yacht Brite welcomes any questions about proper surface care.