Clean Effectively With the One Handle That Does It All

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Boaters need durable and versatile cleaning tools that are easy to store to get the most out of their maintenance routine.  Shurhold Industries delivers all of that with its One-Handle-Does-It-All System.  Utilizing the exclusive SHUR-LOK quick-release, the system easily enables owners to snap over 40 different accessories to the same handle, saving space, time and money.

 The SHUR-LOK locking pin/spring-release mechanism ensures accessories, such as brushes, squeegees, mops, scrubbing pads and boat hooks won’t spin or pop off during use.  Changing from a brush to a squeegee is as simple as pushing a button.

All telescoping or fixed-length handles are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant, lightweight aluminum.  The telescoping handles are available in 6′ and 9′ sizes.  The 6′ locks at four different lengths from 40″-72″, while the 9′ locks at five different lengths from 60″-108″.  Fixed-length handles are available in 13″, 30″, 40″ and 60″ sizes.

Shurhold’s premium deck brushes feature an angled head and flared bristles from extra soft to stiff.  They’re made from superior hard woods, have bristles set with rust-proof “nickel silver” stapling wire and feature wrap-around safety bumpers.

Mops are oversized and made from cotton, rayon, synthetic chamois and deluxe Water Sprite models.  The stainless steel squeegees provide a streak-free shine and are offered in 8″, 10″, 12″ and 16″ sizes.  Additional accessories, including swivel pads and scrubbers, boat hooks, fishing tools, handle adapters and extensions are also available.