Cleaner and Brushes Tackle Serious Stains

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Gathering all the cleaners and tools necessary to detail a boat can be a nuisance. To make the job easier, Yacht Brite Serious Marine Cleaner from Shurhold Industries removes stains and marks from a multitude of surfaces.

Using Shurhold’s line of handheld scrub brushes, Serious Marine Cleaner safely removes waterline marks and black scuffmarks on fiberglass and gel coat. It also cleans smudge marks on stainless steel and metal railings. The concentrate removes bird stains from teak decking and canvas canopies, as well as spills on carpeting and vinyl seating without damaging the surfaces. At the same time, Serious Marine Cleaner is strong enough to tackle engine and bilge degreasing.

Shurhold offers five different handheld scrub brushes to suit any purpose. The 276 Dip & Scrub has an extra-long 20″ handle and stiff, chemical-resistant bristles for hard-to-reach areas like baitwells or below the waterline. Using the same tough bristles, the 274 Dip & Scrub has a compact handle.

A safety bumper on the 272 Scrub Brush protects against dings or dents. It features a lightweight, knuckle-saving handle. The 270 Utility Brush has a unique spot scrubber on the handle that’s perfect for upholstery, floor mats, vinyl and canvas.

Small but hardworking, the 278 Detailing Brush has a medium stiffness for quick removal of grease and grime. It’s great for teak.