Cool Holiday Gifts are Sure to Please Boaters

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Finding gifts for family and friends who have “everything” can be a struggle. Since precious things come in small packages, Shurhold Industries offers two great ideas to make days on the water safe and pleasurable. Boaters will appreciate the clever Dock-A-Reni dockline holding tool and a comprehensive Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD.

Dock-A-Reni eliminates the hassle of tying up. Easily attached to any boat pole with its integrated Velcro strap, the UV-resistant tool holds a dockline loop. This makes it simple for anyone to place the line around the piling. A gentle pull on the pole releases the line. The compact, heavy-duty plastic Dock-A-Reni can be kept on the boat hook pole permanently.

With three hours of video and loads of bonus material, Shurhold’s Encyclopedia of Boating Tips DVD covers everything anchors to zincs, including a safe boating checklist, towing procedures, cleaning guidelines and pet first aid. Boating professionals demonstrate CPR and explain how to use Morse code, flags, life rafts and radar. Tournament fishermen share their secrets and there’s even a list of 4,000 unique boating names.