Ditch Dock Box Funk With Superior Cleaning Tools

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Dock boxes endure the elements everyday, all day, subjected to extreme amounts of moisture.  Without proper maintenance, this can lead to mold and mildew infestations.  Shurhold Industries offers high-quality and effective cleaning products to keep dock boxes in top shape.

An enzyme-based oxygenating powder, Moldaway eliminates mold spores.  Serving as a great multi-purpose cleaner, it also removes mold, mildew, algae, dirt, food and drink stains, making any box sparkle.

Moldaway contains no bleach or chlorine products and is safe on most colors and materials, including canvas, vinyl, fabric, wood, plastic, fiberglass and rubber.  The concentrated powder will make up to four gallons of solution when mixed with water.

To easily and quickly scrub away grime on a box’s surface, Shurhold offers its #272 Scrub Brush.  Its soft, ergonomic handle saves knuckles while still allowing a vigorous scrub.  To protect against accidental dents, the handheld brush features a safety bumper.