Dock Lines Slipping off a Boat Hook a Thing of the Past

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Boat owners often struggle placing a mooring line’s loop over a piling or cleat, especially from a moving deck. Too often, it slips off the pole and into the water, possibly leading to a dangerous situation. Shurhold’s Dock- A-Reni holds the rope securely against any standard boat hook shaft, turning a challenging chore into an easy task.

The innovative device mounts on the boat hook using the attached Velcro strap. It accommodates line up to 1″ in diameter.

To use, the dock line loop is placed over the hook and into the Dock-A- Reni. This holds the bight open and makes for easy placement over a piling or cleat. The pole is then pulled back and the rope is released, allowing the user to pull it tight and tie off the boat. A brief video demonstrating how easy it is to use is at

The device is built from durable UV-resistant and rust-free plastic. Because of its design and style of mount, it can easily be left on the boat hook or quickly removed for use on another pole.

Shurhold’s Dock-A-Reni retails for $9.98.

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