Done Right, Isinglass is Easy to Clean

Isinglass and Strataglass, the clear vinyl sheeting used in boat enclosures and dodgers, is easily scratched during cleaning. Over time, this develops into an unsightly haze that's difficult to see through and makes the material brittle and difficult to fold and roll. Shurhold offers a series of Clean-N-Simple Tips to maintain this common marine surface and keep it looking brand new for years.

The first step is accomplished during the normal boat washing process. A premium quality soap such as biodegradable Shurhold Brite Wash will emulsify dirt, salt and other sediments so they're easily lifted off the isinglass without damaging it. Highly concentrated and fast-acting, it only takes three ounces to make two gallons of solution.

While many boat owners will use a soft towel to wash isinglass, the best tool is a Shurhold Extra-Soft Deck Brush. Developed specifically for soft, delicate surfaces, its deep pile traps grime to make it virtually scratch-free—something a cloth rag cannot do. The brush's fibers also get down into sewn seams and zippers to clean them as well.

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Even with a water softening system, mineral deposits will remain on the surface after rinsing, so it's important to thoroughly dry the isinglass with a microfiber towel or Shurhold PVA Towel. This will leave a flawless finish that will have the material clear and sparkling clean.

Sunscreen and oily snacks will contribute to unsightly fingerprints on isinglass. Household cleaners have harsh chemicals that can degrade the soft material and reduce its service life. For these touch-ups, a better solution is Shurhold Serious Shine Quick Detailer. Ammonia-free, it's simply sprayed onto the soiled area and buffed with a microfiber towel to its original brilliance. A video of the entire cleaning process is at

A 32 oz. container of Shurhold Brite Wash costs $14.98; 1 gal. is $34.98. Extra-Soft Deck Brushes start at $39.98; Handles at $9.98. A 17" W x 27" L PVA Towel runs $15.98; and a 14 oz. spray can of Serious Shine Quick Detailer costs $19.98.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

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