Dual-Action Polisher is Best When Compared to the Rest

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Waxing and polishing a boat is a great way to protect its delicate fiberglass surface from harsh environmental elements. However, just as important as the wax and polish used are the tools employed to apply it. There are many options available, from a basic cloth to a professional-grade rotary.

The simplest method, users just swirl paste wax on with the included applicator and remove it with a terry cloth, overlapping sections. Most wax manufacturers recommend applying two full coats. While the results may be worth it, this process takes plenty of time and hard work leading many owners to skip this chore and end up with a less than sparkling boat.

Another tool boaters have used to polish their craft is an 18V drill motor with an attached buffing pad. Designed for the construction industry, this option may get the job done faster than if by hand, but since it runs on a battery it won’t last a whole day of waxing. Also, it’s not ergonomically designed for buffing, making the task uncomfortable.

Great for removing oxidation and providing a high-gloss finish, a professional-grade rotary requires a certain level of experience to use effectively. The novice owner may not be able to handle the high-power motor and fast rpm of this tool, creating burn marks and swirls on the vessel’s surface. It’s also expensive.

The new, Innovation-Award winning Dual Action Polisher from Shurhold Industries is specifically designed for the marine industry. Ergonomically designed for comfort, this polisher is easy to use and features unique random action orbit for brilliant shine. Oscillating and rotating on varying orbits to prevent swirl and burn marks, it’s great for beginners to experts.

Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher has an extra long 20′ power cord with a GFCI plug for protection in damp environments. At only 4.8 lbs., this polisher is a breeze to maneuver. Operating with a 2500-6500 OPM motor, it has six speed settings.