Enzyme-Based Cleaner Makes Mold Disappear – Forever

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In the marine environment, mold and mildew are as common as a white boat. To eliminate these foul-smelling troublemakers, Yacht Brite offers Moldaway. Part of the Serious Marine System, Moldaway is an enzyme-based, oxygenating, multi-purpose powder that actually kills mold spores.

Moldaway is ideal for use on any surface prone to mold growth, including canvas, vinyl, fabric, wood, plastic, fiberglass and rubber. Safe and easy-to-use, boaters simply mix 2 scoops with a quart of warm water and pour the non-toxic, biodegradable solution on the affected areas. After a few passes with a brush or cloth the area will be clean, free of mold and fresh smelling. An occasional scoop of powder washed down drains and scuppers will keep those hard-to-clean areas fresh and clean, as well.