Ergonomic Brush Comfortably Takes a Bite Out of Grime

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The hammerhead shark uses its uniquely shaped head to efficiently take on prey. With an equally distinctive design, Shurhold Industries’ Hammerhead brush attacks grime on both decks and hulls. It is the only marine brush specifically developed to clean by hand or with a handle.

Ergonomically shaped, the Hammerhead’s soft, contoured body fits comfortably in a boater’s hand. Featuring a nonslip grip, the brush stays in place during hand washing.

For added leverage or cleaning hard-to-reach places, the Hammerhead fits all Shurhold handles including the One Handle Does It All System. Equipped with the SHUR-LOK II quick-release system, the brush effortlessly locks into place with the push of a button, so it will not spin or pop off.

The Hammerhead’s innovative bi-level design allows it to clean decks and hulls. It can be used on horizontal surfaces as a deck brush and scrub vertical areas just as effectively. This two-way cleaning is accomplished by special PVX fibers set at different angles in the brush head. With more than 300 soft tufts, it easily removes grime and salt without damaging a boat’s finish. A wraparound bumper provides added protection from any angle.

The Hammerhead is one of Shurhold’s many marine handle attachments, which include mops, nets and squeegees.