Family Boating Fun Includes Cleanup

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The fun doesn’t have to stop once a boat is out of the water. Cleaning a boat and trailer really can be an enjoyable project for the entire family. With adult guidance, youngsters also learn how to properly care for a boata.

Shurhold Industries provides the necessary cleaning tools to make the process simple and fun. Its “One Handle Does It All” system includes a telescoping handle and accessories that securely lock into place. Even young children can snap a brush onto the handle. With proper care, Shurhold’s high-quality cleaning tools will provide many years of family fun.

The kids can start by gathering up a bucket, hose, brushes, towels and other cleaning essentials. Then the fun begins. Nothing rinses the outside of a boat, and everything else within range, like kids with a hose.

Shurhold’s hose nozzle has a soft vinyl grip, making it comfortable for small hands, and a hold-open clip for easy spraying. The entire boat should be sprayed to remove loose dirt that could scratch the finish. A second rinse helps dissolve any dried salt crystals left on the craft.

Once the boat, and the entire family, is good and wet, it’s time to scrub off any remaining dirt and grime. It is important to clean every area of a boat, which gives everyone something to wash. The boat should be washed from top to bottom and then bow to stern. Small areas of the hull at a time should be washed, rinsed and dried. This keeps the kids involved and prevents the cleaner from drying, which can damage the finish.

With more than 300 soft tufts, Shurhold’s Hammerhead brush has a large surface area and dense bristle pattern that removes tough dirt and grime. Its bi-level design is effective on hulls as well as decks. Attached to the lightweight telescoping handle, the Hammerhead easily cleans hard-to-reach areas, while keeping the user safely positioned.

The Shurhold wash mitt washes around rails and in deep crevices. For children needing some marine discipline, they can swab the decks with the super absorbent Water Sprite Mop.

For tough-to-clean nonskid areas, a stiffer brush gets out dirt without scratching. Shurhold offers a wide range of brushes for general deck and hull cleaning. It also has special application brushes, such as the Dip & Scrub brush for bait wells, wheels and waterlines.

After a last rinse, the boat can be dried with a squeegee and PVA towels for a spotless, shiny finish. Shurhold’s streak-free squeegees quickly remove excess water from windows and hulls. PVA towels absorb 50% more water than natural chamois, letting kids complete this job faster. The towels prevent waterspotting on all surfaces.

As a final step, boaters should coat any hinges, snaps and zippers with Snap-Stick, Shurhold’s water-resistant lubricant. One application prevents corrosion and lubricates for up to three months. The boat is then ready for its next trip on the water.