Fasteners Stay in Good Condition with Long-Lasting Lubricant

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Often when preparing a boat for its long winter’s nap, owners overlook minor, but critical details, such as exposed zippers and snaps. They can easily stick and rip the surrounding canvas and plastic when exposed to the corroding effects of rain, dirt and grime.  Luckily, a quick dab of Snap Stick lubricant from Shurhold Industries will eliminate fighting with fasteners and hinges on awnings and straps come spring thaw.

Unlike gels, liquids or sprays, Snap Stick is applied directly to the head of a snap, along a zipper or on the barrel of a hinge without causing a mess.  Ideal for winter storage, one easy application from the handy tube lasts up to three months.  Non-toxic and biodegradable, Snap Stick won’t harm fabrics, plastics or metals.

The suggested retail price of a .45 oz. tube of Snap Stick from Shurhold Industries is $6.48.