Final Polish Pad Upgraded for Professional Use

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A freshly waxed hull reflects everything, from the sparkle on the water to the pride in its owner’s face. Now, waxing is easier than ever with Shurhold’s popular Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad. Designed to work with the company’s powerful Dual Action Polisher Pro and Rotary Pro, it quickly removes excess wax and leaves an incredible shine.

The Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad is a durable, shaggy microfiber pad that quickly buffs off excess wax and brings out a showroom-like shine. The numerous cords quickly get into the tightest crevices. Easier and less tiring than buffing by hand, it works with the machine to apply consistent pressure for a deep and even shine. A sturdy, hook-and-loop backing helps keep the pad in place on even the most powerful polishing machine. A video showing its use is at

Shurhold’s Brite Bonnet PRO Final Polish Pad sells for $11.98; polishers start at $149.99.

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