Floor Displays Make Sales Move

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Shurhold Industries has introduced the perfect sales partner to its dealers. Attractive, portable display units complement sales staff and support repeat business.

Nicknamed Fred and Ginger after the famous movie dance team, the wheeled units glide effortlessly into position anywhere on a showroom floor. “The new displays act as vending machines as well as sales staff, so they sell all day long,” said Shurhold President Barry Berhoff.

The attention-getting units are designed to display merchandise on all four sides to maximize sales. Customers see at a glance how Shurhold’s One Handle Does It All System works. “They then can easily decide on the necessary products for a variety of cleaning chores, which drives same-store sales, whether on this trip or the next,” Berhoff said.

Shurhold Industries created the innovative One Handle Does It All System in 1973. The system features positive locking handles with more than 30 brushes, mops and other attachments. It also manufactures hand-held cleaning tools and other boating accessories.