Gentle Yet Powerful Wash Cleans Without Removing Finish

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After applying a coat of wax, boaters shouldn’t ruin their hard work by stripping it off with a harsh soap. Shurhold Industries’ Brite Wash is specially-formulated to clean a boat’s fragile surface without damaging its finish.

A money-saving, multi-purpose wash, it’s designed to clean fiberglass, metal, rubber and painted surfaces. Highly powerful and effective, only 30 mL of this powerful wash cleans a 12.2 m boat, allowing one 948 mL bottle to last for months.

Environmentally-friendly, this wash is great for removing a variety of substances, including dirt, grease and salt without dulling a boat’s finish or stripping away wax and polish. Brite Wash’s softeners help prevent hard water stains, providing a sparkling, unblemished surface.

Shurhold’s Brite Wash is available in a 948 mL bottle and 3.78 mL jug.