Heavy Duty Paddle Increases Safety On Board

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Optional safety equipment can make a difference in emergency situations, plus it can put the mind at ease when out on the water and help promote a speedy rescue, if anything should happen.  When outfitting a vessel, it’s important to first obtain essential marine safety equipment and then bring along other non-crucial, but nice to have items.  Shurhold’s Paddle is a piece of gear that isn’t required, but great to have around just in case.

Most owners of center-console boats wouldn’t think of bringing a paddle, but it’s better to be prepared than caught off-guard.  A paddle is also great for use with small dinghies.  The durable, red paddle easily attaches to Shurhold’s telescoping or fixed-length handles.  Its bright color helps in locating it fast.  Once detached from the handle, Shurhold’s paddle can be easily stored without getting in the way, but still in sight for use at a moment’s notice.