How to Clean and Maintain Outriggers

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Whether during a regular washing or after fishing, cleaning and maintaining an outrigger system can be simple when boaters follow the tips outlined by Shurhold Industries. Mounts, poles, and rigging all require care to better ensure years of service.

All three components need to be thoroughly rinsed and washed with a mild boat soap and all knobs and locks should be loosened. This will ensure that these areas are able to be rinsed as well.

Shurhold recommends washing a boat from the top down, front to back. This keeps areas from being washed twice. With this technique, outriggers may be the first item washed. After rinsing the mount, pole, and rigging, they should all be washed with a mitt and a small amount of soap. It’s important to wash each section of the telescoping poles, too. Once they’re washed and rinsed, a PVA towel can be used to dry the outrigger, preventing water spots.

Another trick in a hurry is to use fresh water to wipe the outriggers as they’re retracted from fishing. Owners can wrap a fresh, water-soaked PVA towel and wrap it around the rigger as its being retracted after fishing. Then when owners return to the dock, the riggers just need to be rinsed and cleaned with the rest of the unit at the same time the boat is washed.

To better protect the life of the outriggers, the pole should be periodically removed from the mount for an easier and more thorough cleaning.

Then, all necessary components need to be lubricated as recommended by the outrigger manufacturer. For the exterior finish, Shurhold’s Serious Shine works great. With a Microfiber Towel, the product can be sprayed on the surface and wiped into a shine. This will clean and protect in one step.

Clean and functional outriggers keep boats looking good and fishing more enjoyable. A video of how to clean and maintain outriggers can be found at maintaining-outriggers/.

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