Keeping Canvas Enclosures Clean is Easy With Great Products

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With the proper care, boat owners can get years of service and enjoyment out of their canvas boat tops and enclosures. Keeping canvas, clear vinyl, eisenglass, plexiglass and strata glass in good condition is easy when owners know how to clean the materials and what products to use.

Owners must keep all canvas and vinyl clean so dirt or other particles don’t accumulate and become embedded. All loose dirt and debris should first be rinsed away with fresh water, then washed with a soft, microfiber towel and a mild boat soap solution. This fabric shouldn’t be dry-cleaned or put in a washing machine. If deep cleaning is not possible, boaters should rinse canvas with fresh water after every use, especially after exposure to saltwater, or risk corrosion of the material.

Due to their versatility and gentleness, microfiber towels are great tools to use when cleaning canvas or any area of a boat. Shurhold’s Microfiber Towels come in a variety 3 pack. The extra-strong, orange towel is ideal for washing and cleaning while the super-soft, dark blue towel is great for polishing and shining. Due to its lint-free properties, the light blue towel is best for wiping down mirrors and glass.

Many boaters make the mistake of rolling up wet canvas enclosure panels for storage but, this can cause fogging and stains on the windows. Letting the canvas completely dry before rolling it up helps make sure the materials will be in good condition when they’re taken out for use. To help prevent mold during storage, it should be kept in a place that is dry and well-ventilated.

An efficient way to dry the surface before storage or anytime is with Shurhold’s WaterBlade. This flexible WaterBlade is gentle enough to use on eisenglass and dries a surface in just one pass. Contouring to rounded and curved surfaces, its ergonomically-designed handle helps minimize hand fatigue during use.

To prevent damage to the fabric, canvas should be unsnapped as close to each button as possible. Yanking or forcing snaps or zippers can result in tearing the canvas. Making sure zippers and snaps are properly lubricated and cared for is essential to keep them in good condition. Canvas enclosures should always be removed before trailering to avoid damage.

Clear vinyl scratches easily so it should be handled carefully. Applying a UV-screening agent like Shurhold’s Serious Shine with a microfiber towel will help keep it soft, clear and flexible.

Serious Shine is an extremely versatile and effective waterless spot marine detailer. Due to its anti-static properties, it can clean a boat inside and outside without leaving any greasy, artificial residue.

Individuals should never use a dry cloth, duster or glass cleaners when cleaning clear vinyl. Solvents containing acetone, silicone spray, benzene, carbon tetrachloride, fire-extinguisher fluid, dry-cleaning fluid or lacquer thinner should also be avoided to prevent damage.