Lots of Different Stains, But Only One Product Needed

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Boats have a wide range of surfaces that get dirty. That's why professional detailers and savvy owners choose Serious Multi-purpose Cleaner (SMC) from Shurhold. Bleach-free, it's the one bottle they reach for when cleaning everything from the deck to the bilge—even the hull before waxing. SMC degreases as it removes built-up dirt and grime. Strong enough to remove oily, black exhaust stains, the unique formula won't harm or discolor vinyl graphics and hull wraps. With no slippery residue, it's perfect for nonskid and teak decks, carpeting and cabin soles.

It's equally effective on rubber, plastic, acrylic, glass, metal, paint and fiberglass. For fishermen, it's ideal for removing stubborn fish blood. Few products are as easy to use as SMC. It's simply sprayed on and wiped off. For really nasty stains, it can set for three minutes.

Made in the USA, a 32-ounce spray bottle of Shurhold SMC (Serious Multi-purpose Cleaner) costs $11.98. A one-gallon container of concentrate mixes with water to make five gallons of solution; it runs $24.98.

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