Multi-Tasking Products Clean Up and Cost Less

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Maintaining a boat’s appearance doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Buying cleaners and tools for various surfaces is costly and unnecessary. Shurhold Industries offers multi-purpose cleaners and tools to quickly detail a prized boat without the bother or expense.

A one-step cleaner, polish and protector, Serious Shine tackles any solid surface, including brass, stainless steel, painted surfaces, fiberglass, plastic, rubber and vinyl. Versatile and effective, it contains UV inhibitors and anti-static properties to protect delicate surfaces such as isinglass. Great for cockpits, cabins, hulls and decks, Serious Shine is an ideal quick marine detailer, leaving behind no greasy, artificial residue.

High-quality cleaners are even more effective when applied with superior tools. Shurhold’s cleaning tools and brushes are all part of the multi-purpose One Handle Does It All system. The exclusive SHUR-LOK quick-release system guarantees that brushes won’t spin or pop off during use. Durable and lightweight, the handle is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum. Available in fixed or telescoping versions, a model with a finger grip is great for nets and gaffs.