Multipurpose Marine Cleaner Tackles Nearly Any Boat Surface

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Removing heavy-duty stains, grease, dirt, scuff marks and other stains on a boat’s varied surfaces is an age-old chore. To help simplify the task, Yacht Brite offers boaters its Serious Marine Cleaner.

Designed to clean a multitude of surfaces including fiberglass, vinyl, carpet, rubber, teak, acrylic, canvas and stainless steel, Serious Marine Cleaner eliminates the need to carry a whole host of chemicals. Easy to use, it can simply be sprayed on soiled surfaces and then wiped or scrubbed away, taking the dirt and grime with it.

Equally effective in the bilge, head or the cockpit it also works on salon and outdoor carpet. When utilizing a tire treatment, a simple pre-wash of the tires with Serious Marine Cleaner will provide a show-room shine on your trailer or vehicle.

After cleaning any polished surface, a quick coat of Yacht Brite Serious Shine or Pro Polish should be used to restore and protect the finish. To obtain the best results when using any Yacht Brite product, the company recommends utilizing high-quality brushes and accessories from Shurhold.