New Blade Banishes Water Spots

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Unsightly water spots can ruin the beauty of a freshly cleaned boat or RV. Using a patented t-bar to easily lift and remove water from surfaces, the innovative Shur-Dry Flexible Water Blade from Shurhold provides a spotless shine in a 1/3 of the drying time.

Quick and efficient, the 12″ Water Blade molds to curved and uneven surfaces and dries faster than a chamois. Gentle on boats, cars, RVs, windows, countertops, mirrors, shower doors and more, the supple silicon blade will not scratch. A flexible handle provides a soft, comfortable, slip-free grip. Also available, the Shur-Dry Flexible Water Blade Adapter allows the blade to adjust 180° and attaches to versatile Shurhold handles for high and hard-to-reach places.

Environmentally friendly, the unique water blade minimizes landfill waste by eliminating the need for paper towels. This tool also saves water and energy that would normally be used to wash rags and towels.