New Breed of Brush Cleans Both Decks and Hulls

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Regular cleaning helps preserve a boat’s value, but it is not every boater’s favorite job. With a groundbreaking design, the new Hammerhead brush from Shurhold Industries makes cleaning easier by tackling both decks and hulls.

When it goes after dirt, the Hammerhead is tough, quick and efficient—just like its namesake. It is the only marine brush specifically developed for use by hand or with a handle. Ergonomically designed, the Hammerhead has a soft, contoured body that is comfortable and easy to grip when hand washing. The brush also fits onto all Shurhold handles. Equipped with the SHUR-LOK II quick-release system, the Hammerhead will not spin or pop off during use.

With its innovative, bi-level design, the Hammerhead is the one perfect tool for two crucial cleaning tasks. A boater can push the brush out in front horizontally like a deck brush—and clean vertical hull surfaces just as effectively.

The two-way cleaning is accomplished by special PVX fibers set at different angles in the brush head. With more than 300 tufts, twice as many as other brands, it easily removes grime and salt without damaging a boat’s finish.

The Hammerhead is one of more than 30 marine handle attachments that Shurhold produces.