New Fish Tagger Lets Fisherman Give Back to the Environment

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The responsibility of protecting the environment falls upon everyone’s shoulders. To do his part, a fisherman can easily participate in fish tagging with Shurhold’s New Fish Tagger. Just like the company’s SHUR-LOK deck brushes, mops, fishing nets and gaff hooks, this tagging adapter easily snaps onto any Shurhold handle, including its new sleek black fishing handles, allowing users a hassle-free way to help Mother Nature.

This compact adapter accommodates both pointed and forked screw-in applicators. It comes standard with one pointed applicator. Cost-effective, this attachment saves space aboard any boat by reducing the amount of equipment users need to carry around.

The pointed applicator fits standard Billfish Foundation (TBF) tags as well as newer National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) tags with nylon heads. A forked applicator is also available and fits standard NMFS tags with slotted metal heads. Both applicators are sold separately.