New Line Holding Tool is Just What the Dock Ordered

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One of the most difficult aspects of docking is getting a mooring line in place. Just when it seems like the line is finally going to make it around the piling, it falls off the boat hook and drops to the water. This all too familiar and frustrating scenario for boaters has made securing boats more of a hassle and dangerous than it needs to be. The easy-to-use Dock A Reni line holding tool eliminates these troubles, making the docking process smoother and safer.

The innovative Dock A Reni securely holds a quick release loop on any boat pole. Boaters simply attach the tiny device to their boat pole with the integrated Elastic Velcro.

To use, the line is placed over the end of the boat hook and slid back under the Dock A Reni, holding the loop open. Even for boaters not on the pro rodeo circuit, it’s possible to easily lasso a cleat or piling. By pulling back on the pole, the line is released, leaving the boat secured.

The docking aid is made from durable UV resistant plastic. With its small, sleek design, the Dock A Reni can easily be left stored on the boat pole.