New Product Adds Serious Shine to Virtually Any Solid Surface

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For many boaters, their boats are not just recreational vehicles but also serve as a source of pride and joy. Maintaining all solid surfaces is important for maintaining the look and value of a boat. Serious Shine from Yacht Brite delivers a high-quality professional shine and essential protection to a boat. Unlike other products that must be over-applied to get the job done, just a few sprays of Serious Shine will ensure that the boat will gleam and refinishing during the season is kept to a minimum.

When used with Yacht Brite’s Microfiber Polishing Cloth, Serious Shine cleans and polishes fiberglass, paint, metal, vinyl, clear plastic, glass, Plexiglas® and rubber to a beautiful, mirror finish. Its high-performance formula also contains UV inhibitors to protect these surfaces from the damaging effects of extended sun exposure. Additionally, Serious Shine’s anti-static and anti-fingerprint properties guarantee a cleaner boat, longer.