Polish is the Best Choice for Boat Surface Protection

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Protecting and sealing a boat’s fragile gel coat is extremely important in maintaining its rich and shiny surface. Boaters have relied on either wax or polish for this task in the past. However, polish is much more effective than wax in adding years to the life of a boat’s finish.

While waxes are organically based, Shurhold’s Pro Polish is polymer based, which fills in the pores of a boat’s surface. Wax only seals the surface, trapping air and causing the fiberglass to yellow over time. Polish creates a UV-shielding protective shell, while still allowing the fiberglass to breathe. With a higher melting point and better abrasion resistance, polish has a much higher level of durability.

In one easy step, Pro Polish produces a glossy finish while protecting against sun, salt, acid rain and other harsh environmental elements. Not only is polish faster and more convenient to apply, it’s also more economical. It’s formulated with cosmetic-grade ingredients and doesn’t contain talc or fillers, like wax.

Polish removes existing micro-contamination in the pores of a boat’s surface. This elimination, followed by the application of a sealant, enormously slows down the oxidation process to prolong the life of a boat’s surface. Pro Polish is safe and effective on fiberglass and gel coat exterior surfaces, clear coat and painted surfaces, glass, plastic, plexiglass and stainless steel/metal railings.