Premium Buffing Pads from Shurhold Industries Help Vehicle Owners Achieve A Professional Finish

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Shurhold Industries, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade automotive cleaning products and tools, has introduced its Buff Magic Compounding Pad and Pro Polish Foam Pad to the automotive aftermarket. These two premium buffing pads are designed for use with Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher or with any dual action polisher. It is ideal for users who wish to achieve the same high gloss finish as professionals.

Shurhold’s Buff Magic Compounding Pad is a general purpose, light cutting pad made of wool. The tightly twisted structure of the wool fibers ensure the pad stays at a consistent level of force for extended periods of operation, producing an even finish from start to end. The short length of the fibers allow for aggressive compounding. The Buff Magic compounding pad is ideally suited for removing oxidation, light scratches, embedded surface grime and headlight restoration. It is ideally suited for use with Buff Magic, Shurhold’s surface reconditioner and metal polisher. The Buff Magic Compounding Pad sells for an M.S.R.P. of $23.98 and includes two pads per pack.

Shurhold’s research has found that most foam pads soak up polish too quickly. This makes the polish and pad ineffective because the polish is unable to reach the desired surface. Shurhold’s black Pro Polish Foam Pad is designed with compressed cell structure (CCS) technology, which uses strategically placed, partially closed foam cells. There are columns in the center of each cell that release polish as needed onto the working surface.

“The benefits associated with the structure of this pad include a slower rate of polish absorption, making the polish more effective and longer-lasting. There is no pad skipping due to less surface tension, no burns or swirls because of less heat, and greater operator control,” said Barry Berhoff, president of Shurhold Industries. “Although these pads may be more expensive than conventional foam pads, they use much less polish and make the job much easier, offsetting the higher cost.”

Shurhold’s Pro Polish Foam Pad is ideal for removing swirl marks, polishing, and applying sealant and wax. It works best when paired with Shurhold’s Pro Polish liquid wax and sealant. Pro Polish Foam Pads sell for an M.S.R.P. of $23.98 and includes two pads per pack.

For more information on Buff Magic Compounding Pads or Pro Polish Foam Pads, contact Shurhold Industries at (800) 962-6241, or visit: