Quick Clean Keeps Boat Ship Shape

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Consistent cleaning is the first step in maintaining a beautiful boat, but few boaters look forward to it. Given the right information and tools, professional-grade surface care can be fast, easy and worthwhile.

The bare minimum of a simple rinse after a day on the water and a weekly wash will keep a boat looking beautiful for years to come. Shurhold Industries provides the necessary cleaning tools to make the process simple and fun.

Their “One Handle Does It All” quick release system promptly locks any Shurhold handle with all Shurhold brushes and accessories. The Shur-Lok design guarantees that attachments will never spin or pop off during use.

Perfect for frequent use, the Shurhold 900 Series Deck Brushes feature bristles from extra soft to stiff and an angled head design. When secured to the Telescoping Handle, the Deck Brushes extend from 43″ to 108″ for hard to reach places. Flared blue nylon and yellow and white polystyrene bristles produce a thorough cleaning and fewer trips to the water bucket.

For a spotless shine, a concentrated, gentle boat wash soap will do the trick. Shurhold’s Yacht Brite Brite Wash is ideal for regular use. The environmentally-friendly liquid cleaner will not strip wax or polish. One

ounce will clean an entire 40′ boat. Brite Wash resists water spots, including in hard water.

On wash day, the entire boat should first be rinsed off. This removes loose dirt that can scratch the finish and dissolves any dried salt left on the craft. For the best possible clean, the boat should be scrubbed from top to bottom and then from bow to stern. A thorough rinse and wipe down to dry the boat produces sparkling results.