Random Orbital Polisher: Pros Over Rotary and Hand

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Regular maintenance is essential to keeping a craft in top form.  Shurhold Industries’ Dual Action Polisher enables average boaters to buff, wax and polish their vessel like a professional in half the time with half the effort.

The polisher’s random orbital motion comes from the free spin on the center axis and out-of-round spin on the power motor.  When these forces are combined, an eccentric circular motion is produced.  This random orbital movement means it’s virtually impossible to apply too much concentrated pressure in one spot at one time, eliminating the risk of burns and swirls, which are common issues for inexperienced rotary users.  The traditional rotary buffer is a tool that should be left to the professionals, but even first-time users can expect professional results with the Dual Action Polisher.

Boaters can forget doing things by hand.  Shurhold’s polisher is faster and less tiresome with six speeds between 2,000 and 6,000 oscillations per minute, getting the job done a lot quicker.  It applies a thinner coat of product, spreading it evenly and deeply into the surface for a uniform result that can’t be achieved by hand.

Shurhold’s Dual Action Polisher is now available on the company’s website for $149.98.  Polishing pads are sold separately.