RV Maintenance is a Snap with One-Handle Cleaning Kits

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Keeping an RV well maintained should not be a chore. Shurhold Industries has the perfect cleaning kit for an RV, whether it is used for weekend getaways, long vacations or full-timing. With varying cleaning kits, Shurhold provides the tools needed to care for any class of RV, and in each kit, one handle does it all.

Each kit features a durable Shurhold telescoping handle and a variety of accessories. Brushes, mops and squeegees slide easily onto the handle, which is made of corrosion-resistant, triple-anodized, seamless aluminum. The exclusive SHUR-LOK system locks attachments firmly in place, so they will not spin or pop off during use. Changing accessories is a snap with the push of a button.

Shurhold’s Ultimate Bus Maintenance Kit includes a 9′ telescoping handle, swivel wool wash pad, angled floor broom, super floor mop, 32 ounce bottle of Brite Wash, can of Serious Shine, SMC spray cleaner, three microfiber towels and a flexible water blade and adapter. With just one handle, the compact kit takes up little valuable storage space, yet does the work of multiple tools. It easily removes dirt and grime from the exteriors and interiors of travel trailers and smaller motor homes.

Additional kits are available with fewer accessories. In addition to the accessories found in the maintenance kits, Shurhold has many other handle attachments and hand-held tools that have special cleaning applications for RVs including round brushes, string mops and bug and tar remover.