Save Time and Money With Multi-Purpose Products

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Stocking up on cleaning solutions for the boating season doesn’t have to involve an overwhelming amount of items. With many different types of surfaces to preserve, multi-purpose products are a must for any boat owner. They save time, money and space. Shurhold’s 7 core compounds replace over 20 items from competitors. With half as many products, boat maintenance has never been easier.

Shurhold’s Serious Marine Cleaner is designed to clean a multitude of surfaces. Created for the professional boat detailer, it eliminates the need to carry around numerous products to each job. This concentrate is safe and effective on fiberglass, vinyl, carpet, rubber, teak and acrylic canvas. It easily cleans bilges, black streaks, non-skid surfaces and more.

Brite Wash is environmentally friendly and scientifically formulated to clean fiberglass, metal, rubber and painted surfaces. Without dulling a boat’s finish or stripping its wax or polish, this soap removes dirt, grease and salt. It resists water spots even in hard water.

Extremely versatile and effective, Serious Shine is a quick, high-performance detailer. It cleans, polishes and protects almost any solid surface in one simple step. Containing UV inhibitors and anti-static properties, it’s great for cockpits, cabins, hulls and decks.

User-friendly whether buffing by machine or hand, Buff Magic reconditions and deoxidizes fiberglass. Multi-tasking as a metal polish, it is also safe for glass, plastic, plexiglass, stainless steel and brass.

Moldaway eliminates spores while also functioning as a deep cleaner of organic stains. This oxygenating, multi-purpose powder is enzyme based. Safe on most colors and fabrics, it doesn’t contain any bleach or chlorine. It can make up to 4 gal. of solution when mixed with water.

Producing an ultra high gloss in one easy step, Pro Polish is a fiberglass/gel coat cleaner and sealant with UV inhibitors. Protecting a boat’s finish against sun, salt, acid rain and other harsh environmental elements, it contains no talc or fillers.

Rain, dirt and grime can corrode the snaps and zippers on awnings, straps and other items. These mechanisms are then more likely to stick or rip the surrounding canvas or plastic. Instead of fighting with snaps and zippers, a quick dab of Snap-Stick lubricant helps put them back in good working condition.

Shurhold’s entire line is specially formulated to achieve great results with a small amount of effort and materials. Affordable and convenient, they provide a total surface care solution. They are also available in industrial sizes.