Seriously Easy Detailer Erases Water Spots

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Water spots and any other blemishes can be the bane of a meticulous boat owner.  While otherwise clean, a vessel’s appearance is marred by unsightly and damaging residue left by water droplets, product residue or dirt marks.  Serious Shine from Shurhold is the perfect one-step detailer for spot-free, gleaming surfaces.

Water spots not only detract from a boat’s good looks but can pockmark delicate gel coat when the sun bakes in the mineral deposits.  Spots disappear while Serious Shine cleans and polishes virtually any solid surface, including fiberglass, isinglass, and vinyl.

Eliminating the need for multiple products, Serious Shine leaves a water-repellent surface with no greasy, artificial residue.  The aerosol spray contains UV inhibitors, as well as anti-static properties to repel dust, further protecting all types of surfaces.

Available in a 14 oz. can, Shurhold’s Serious Shine retails for $17.98.