Shurhold Caters to Megayacht Crew ASAP Anywhere

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When a mega-yacht is at sea for weeks at a time, it’s unacceptable for the crew to run out of anything, from soup to boat soap. Shurhold Industries understands that crew need large quantities of durable and dependable maintenance products to keep yachts looking their best, even when far from home port. That’s why they work closely with National Marine Suppliers, the logistics specialist that delivers products anywhere the crew needs it, anytime.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, National Marine Suppliers has served yacht owners, captains, crew, and management companies for the last 16 years. Its staff of 70 marine specialists, including captains, chefs and engineers, assist in every facet of yachting, from provisions to fuel, equipment or medical supplies. With an enormous inventory in a 50,000 sq. ft. facility, National Marine Suppliers offers competitive pricing and fulfillment from email or even satellite phone orders anywhere in the world.

“We rely on National Marine Suppliers’ unique distribution channels and superior reputation to help service our constantly-moving megayacht customers,” said Barry Berhoff, Shurhold president.

“Shurhold and Yacht Brite are well-suited for megayachts, as we offer appropriate sizes of cleaning products,” said Berhoff. “For instance, while a typical boater uses a 16-oz. bottle of Yacht Brite Pro Polish, mega-yachts need a gallon. We offer 48-lb. pails of Buff Magic, because a 22 oz. can of polish will barely touch the surface of a megayacht.” For really large cleaning jobs, Yacht Brite products are available in industrial size 55 gallon drums.

The company’s commitment to quality helps ensure Shurhold yacht care brushes, mops, handles and other maintenance accessories stand up to the job. Its complementing line of Yacht Brite cleaners polishes and specialty care products deliver a complete yacht surface care package. “We know the crew can’t go back and get something else if a product breaks or doesn’t perform while the yacht is at sea,” said Berhoff. “By teaming up with National Marine Suppliers, we offer crews what they need, when and where they need it.”