Sleek Fishing Handles Give Fisherman A Good Grip

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A successful fisherman uses only the best equipment. Offering comfort, style and convenience, Shurhold introduces its new Fishing Series Handles built for use with the company’s fishing nets, fish taggers and gaff. Designed with Shurhold’s signature high standards of quality, these fishing handles are great for the professional or recreational fisherman.

Sleek black with hand-wrapped gold trim, these handles have extra-long foam grips for added comfort. Featuring Shurhold’s exclusive SHUR-LOK quick release system, they positively lock with any Shurhold accessory including deck brushes, mops and other boating accessories while matching the look and feel of most fishing rods.

The series includes three sizes, including 5′, 6′ and 9′. The lightweight and convenient 5′ handle has a fixed length. The 6′ telescoping handle quickly locks at 4 different lengths from 40″-72″, while the 9′ can be locked at 5 different lengths from 60″-108″.