Snap Stick keeps Marine Enclosures working like New

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Few things can be more frustrating than snaps and zippers that stick, refusing to operate properly. It’s a common problem for boaters, and often related to corrosion.

Snap-Stick is a solid lubricant from Shurhold that protects snaps and zippers from the effects of corrosion and grime build up to ensure they always work well. Users simply dab the product to the male side of a snap, then fasten it to lubricate both halves of the closure. For zippers, boaters can rub the Snap Stick along the length of an open zipper, then close and open it several times to fully work the lubricant between the teeth. A single application provides up to three full months of protection.

Snap Stick comes in a 0.45 oz. twist-stick tube that ensures a controlled application without any messy residue on the surrounding area. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and won’t harm fabrics, plastics or metals.

This handy lubricant works on snaps and zippers on tents, golf bags, wetsuits, and more. It can even be applied to keys, perfect for keeping locks working smoothly. Snap Stick retails for $6.48.

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