Squeegee & Detailer Deliver Simple, Streak-Free Shine

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After spending a day cleaning the boat, owners can feel frustrated when the craft’s glass and plexiglass are marked with water spots. Shurhold’s Serious Shine and Shur-Dry Water Blade efficiently and effectively wash these delicate surfaces, leaving only a clean shine behind.

An extremely versatile and waterless spot marine detailer, Serious Shine protects virtually any solid surface. A unique formula provides a high-gloss shine and a coating that repels water. Containing UV inhibitors and featuring anti-static properties, it also keeps plexiglass soft and flexible.

To eliminate water streaks while drying any surface, Shurhold’s Shur-Dry Water Blade completes the task fast. Effortlessly molding to curved surfaces, it’s gentle on glass and clear vinyl. Due to the blade’s patented T-Bar edge, it offers a spotless shine in one-third the drying time. It also removes the need and waste of paper towels or chamois.

The Water Blade’s easy-to-grip handle provides a comfortable grasp. The optional Shur-Dry Water Blade Adapter enables users to adjust the blade 180? and extends their reach by attaching it to longer Shurhold handles.