Superior Polish Ensures a Craft Will be Ready for Next Season

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Maintaining a boat’s surfaces should be a priority year-round, however, it’s especially important to make sure everything is clean before putting the craft into storage. By applying Shurhold’s Pro Polish at the end of the season, owners can ensure their vessel will be ready to cruise again when warm weather arrives.

A fiberglass/gelcoat cleaner, sealant and polish with UV inhibitors, Pro Polish is scientifically formulated to protect yachts and PWCs from the harsh effects of the sun, saltwater and other environmental elements. It repels water and provides a deep, high-gloss shine, while shielding a surface from the damaging effects of the sun.

Supplying an ultra-high-gloss finish in one easy step, Pro Polish is formulated with cosmetic-grade ingredients and doesn’t contain any fillers or talc. Better than an old-fashioned wax, it goes on quickly and easily without leaving behind a major mass of white powder. Since it produces virtually no waste, owners can apply and buff out the product in less time and with less effort.

Extremely versatile, this polish will protect fiberglass, gelcoat, clear coat and aluminum.