Tips for Cleaning Valuable Marine Electronics

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Whether it’s a portable fishfinder, color TFT stereo display or a large multi-function display, touchscreens with rubberized buttons are commonplace on boats. Over time, salt spray, grime and fingerprints reduce their appearance, and may lead to premature deterioration. Shurhold, the leader in marine cleaning tools and products, offers a Clean and Simple Tip for detailing these valuable electronics.

The first step is to power-down the device(s). This will avoid unintentionally changing a setting. It’s also a good time to check the manufacturer’s manual to see if they recommend any specific cleaning or maintenance routines.

If the device is all-weather rated, a light misting of water will remove dirt and salt residue; never use a hose with full pressure. Use a synthetic PVA chamois to wipe the surface clean and remove the contaminates. For large dashes, work from the top down and in sections. The key is to dry the device quickly before water spots form.

Next, lightly spray the area with a high-quality, one-step detailing product like Shurhold’s Serious Shine. This quick spray product will clean, polish and protect almost any surface, without leaving an oily, artificial residue. It contains UV inhibitors and anti-fingerprint/anti-static,properties. It’s perfect for touchscreens, glass, frames, buttons, chrome, gauges, fiberglass and even Isinglass. Lightly buff the surface with Serious Shine and a clean microfiber towel. Then, flip the towel to its dry side and polish everything to a high sheen. Screens will be clean and the surrounding accents gleaming like new. A video of the entire process is available at

For areas of built-up grime, Shurhold’s Serious Marine Cleaner (SMC) is ideal. It’s a safe, yet strong, multi-surface cleaner that will tackle vinyl seating, canvas, exhaust stains and even the bilge.

Shurhold Industries’ PVA Towel costs $16.98; a 14 oz. aerosol can of Serious Shine runs $17.98; a 3-variety pack of Microfiber Towels is $18.98; and a 32 oz. bottle of Serious Marine Cleaner is $11.98.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One Handle Does It All system, Shurhold manufactures specialty care items and accessories to clean, polish and detail.

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